The proposals

The updated parameter plans for the outline planning application have been altered slightly and now cover approximately 10.75 acres of the site. An illustrative scheme with a single building is now envisaged. Whilst the updated plans are submitted as an outline application, they would set the key principles of future development on the site, and a broad plan for where future buildings could be located. This means that not all of the details for the eventual development will be agreed. However, the application will restrict any development on the site in a number of ways, including that:

  • The maximum height of any buildings will be set at 28m, not significantly taller than the current building on the site
  • Maximum acceptable noise levels will be agreed with the Council for any eventual development that takes place

Economic benefits

A data centre is a major investment, and there would be a number of economic benefits from the proposals, with the potential for them to kickstart a new industry in this part of Buckinghamshire. This would include the following benefits:

  • £390m investment in this part of Buckinghamshire
  • 90 jobs to maintain and operate the data centre over its lifespan which will add £12.1m GVA per annum to the local economy
  • 130 indirect jobs in the local data economy
  • 171 non-tradeable local service jobs, generating around £3m in GVA per annum
  • 200 construction workers
  • £3.85m in business rates per annum

Local jobs

The site’s current use employs 51 people. As part of the operation of the data centre we estimate that 90 jobs would be created on site. These would be in a range of occupations, including: • IT and maintenance of the computers hosted in the data centre • Security • Administration and Sales, dealing with the leasing of space within the data centre • Other roles that would come from the client side when they lease space Furthermore, we estimate that 200 jobs would be created in the construction and fit-out process for any development under the proposals. With data centres being substantial investments, operators take a long-term approach, meaning these jobs would be retained in future. This is partly due to the considerable initial investments necessary when beginning to operate a data centre, but also due to the increasing market for these facilities. In addition, a data centre on this site would mean a number of other opportunities for employment. Firstly, companies leasing space within the data centre would value close proximity to the site, in order to reduce the time it takes for data to get from the data centre to their offices and back, known as latency. Secondly, manufacturers and suppliers of IT equipment will have a significant new customer, promoting the growth of their businesses and increasing the attractiveness of this part of Buckinghamshire as a base for them. These industries related to data centre provision would in turn make the area even more attractive to potential data centre operators, meaning that, as the first data centre of its size in the area, Link Park could kickstart serious economic investment in this part of Buckinghamshire.

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