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Alongside a reduction in traffic, the updated planning application has been altered and now covers approximately 10.75 acres of the site. The updated plans will see a revised layout to reflect stakeholder feedback and market demands in the post-pandemic economy. An illustrative scheme with a single data centre building is now being envisaged. This will avoid changes to the railhead, see increased levels of planting to minimise the visual impact of the scheme and avoids any impact on the existing adjacent poplar trees.

Whilst the build form of the revised application is solely within the jurisdiction of Bucks Council, the redline boundary still extends across the local authority boundary and includes Hillingdon LBC. Therefore, the revised application is being submitted to both local authorities.

Unlike the current uses of the site, a data centre would not require large numbers of HGV movements, therefore eliminating the noise that this currently generates. We are also looking at a number of acoustic attenuation measures such as silencers, screens and enclosures which are very effective in controlling any noise generated by the cooling system. Finally, we will also be engaging with Bucks Council and Hillingdon LBC as the scheme develops to set limits on noise levels for the development.

Water would come from mains sources, rather than any surrounding rivers, streams or lakes.

No – there will not be an increase in traffic. It is expected that the redevelopment of the site will see a 55% drop in traffic compared to the current uses on site.

Perimeter fencing, not including razor wire, would be used alongside motion detectors. We are considering the potential for landscaping works to help ameliorate the impact of this. There is currently a perimeter fence around the entire site.

Yes, in theory, and heat from similar data centres is recycled to heat nearby homes and other buildings. However, due to the nature of this potential heating system it would require a purpose-built development, which does not currently exist in the area.

Link Park Heathrow is outside the key flight paths and the commercial viability of the proposals is not affected, nor relies upon the construction of a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

Yes, but there is nothing as suitable on the market and Link Park is highly unusual in meeting all of the requirements to host a data centre of this size. The site benefits from its proximity to internet fibre cables, is a commutable distance from major clients bases; and most importantly has secured sufficient power which is a limiting factor in bringing forward data centres.

Upon receiving consent and prior to construction beginning, both Buckinghamshire and Hillingdon Councils will be consulted on how we can best manage the construction period, which we estimate will take approximately eighteen months, and reduce its impact on the surrounding area.

The proposals being considered are for an outline planning application for the demolition and redevelopment of the current site to comprise a high-tech data centre including accompanying offices and substation. Crucially, the application is specifically for a data centre use and could not deliver alternative types of commercial development.

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