The current site

The revised Link Park application site is primarily within Buckinghamshire Council’s jurisdiction, although a small proportion falls under Hillingdon LBC. The site consists of approximately 10.75 acres. The applicant also owns a large area of adjoining woodland, comprising approximately 21.5 acres, which they intend to preserve and enhance where possible. The site has a long history of industrial-commercial use, beginning with sand and gravel extraction, followed by the storage and processing of railborne aggregates using a railhead taken off the adjoining branch line into the northern corner of the site. It is currently home to several different industries, including the leasing of construction vehicles, infrastructure construction and development, the storage of replacement vehicles for insurance claims, and aggregate importation by rail, and distribution by Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs).

Suitability for a data centre

The size and complexity of data centres means that only a small number of sites are suitable for their construction and operation. Link Park Heathrow is a rare example of a site fulfilling all the requirements to build a data centre of the size we are proposing. These are: • Access to a large amount of reliable electricity power, which is available at Iver Lalehan and North Hyde substations, and additionally through a National grid 275KVA cable located nearby • A location close to main markets, which allow clients to visit the site easily, but not so close that electricity or internet issues will affect both the data centre and the client site. This usually means a travel time of approximately sixty minutes • A fast and reliable internet connection, or the capacity for one, available nearby from the Grand Union Canal and the West Coast Mainline • A minimal risk of flooding, like Link Park Heathrow, which is on raised ground

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