Welcome to the project website for Link Park Heathrow. Link Park Heathrow LLP has submitted an updated outline planning application for its data centre proposals at Thorney Mill Road, Heathrow, UB7 7EZ. The updated plans will see a revised layout to reflect stakeholder feedback and market demands in the post-pandemic economy. Crucially, a single building is envisaged which takes advantage of the geography of the site to significantly limit the impact on views by any building. It is worth noting that the application is specifically for a data centre use and could not deliver alternative types of commercial development. As you may recall, the site is currently home to a mix of B8 storage and aggregates handling, but has far greater potential as a site for a high-tech data centre. A development of this kind would boost the local economy, help consolidate Buckinghamshire and the surrounding area as a lead location for this industry, and provide a more appropriate use for the site considering the surrounding area. We’ve previously undertaken numerous rounds of community and stakeholder engagement on the plans for the site. You can find further details about data centres and the proposals on this project website. Traffic and HGV movements Through our public consultation process, we understand that the local community are particularly concerned with the amount of traffic and the number of HGV movements in the local area. Compared to the existing uses on the site, the proposals represent a 55% reduction in vehicle movements with HGV movements being all but eliminated. As well as leading to a considerable drop in congestion on roads passing through the local area including Iver and Richings Park, traffic noise would be reduced, and air quality would improve. Show your support for the plans! It’s vitally important that local residents and businesses let Buckinghamshire Council know of their support for this Planning Application before it is determined by their Planning Committee. We would be particularly grateful if you would consider submitting a letter of support in favour of the application. This can be done through the link below which creates an email to the Council's Planning department with the application reference, ‘PL/21/4584/OA’ in the subject of the email. Please do read this, add any further comments and insert your name, address and postcode before sending. – Submit a letter of support here – Alternatively, comments can be submitted via the ‘Comments’ section on the Council’s planning portal (see here). It is worth noting that you will need to have registered an account with the Council to make a comment through the portal.

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